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Fall Fashion Trends September 27 2014

Autumn is upon us and now is the time to claim your personal fall street  style. Men’s fashion trends are growing leaps and bounds this year, and the style isn’t privy to just Paris, Milan, or New York City. It’s “Everyman’s Fall Fashion " style. The key pieces lend themselves to being worn in different ways to achieve different looks, and create street fashion versatility.

Fall bursts on the scene with hues similar to women’s trends this year. Rich Cognac fades into Auburn Reds and onto Sangria and Orchid, Cobalt blue melds with Royal blues, and Sea Fog blends with Aluminum and Cyprus. Also on trend are the many varied shades of green. Men you really can’t go wrong with color this season, it’s no longer all Blacks, Blue, and Grey.

Casual is in for men this year when it comes to fall fashion. As has been the trend for the past several seasons, men’s fashion is still into the distressed jean factor. They are easy to dress up with a casual fall tee or a dressier short sleeved menswear shirt in a variety of colors and patterns. Pair them with colorful athletic shoes or a fantastic fall cowboy boot or brogue boots, adding a bit of country style into the mix.

A continuing street style for men is the checked pattern, from mens shirts to jackets and even ties and socks. You can pair the pattern with any style pant and be ready for a day of fun on the town or a night out at the club. Chester Barrie and Richard James both design checked tailored pieces including jackets, form fitting trousers and other checked pieces including mens shirts. Alexander McQueen is on the mark again this fall with his uniquely unusual print using black and pink checks. Another continuing trend in mens shirts for fall is the Hawaiian Print and/or Hawaiian palate of colors. You can dress them up or down to suit your mood with either casual shorts or jeans, and even dress slacks.

Another emerging trend in men’s style wear for fall is a throwback to the Roaring 20’s sharp dressed man. This is a super-hot modern take on a trend that is taking over fall in both men’s and women’s fashion. Style up this design by adding a classic hat and you will be ready to meet and greet.Pinstripe shirts, slacks, and jackets will all be a popular choice of pattern this fall. One of the keys to nailing this style is in the choice of accessories.

Don’t forget to rock your socks. Men’s fall fashion trends for socks is hot this year as many new and creative designs in foot coverings explode in the marketplace. Try mixing and matching with your favorite new fall wardrobe.

Fall street style fashion for men is about fun and fabric this year. It’s really tough to go wrong when the variety affords so many individualized fall fashion looks in 2014. So, go shopping and remember to trust your own style as well as what the latest trends are.

Jellyfish for ART July 14 2014

If you happen to be in Liverpool then now is your chance to see some brilliant installation art created by duo Walter Hugo and Zoniel. Entitled "The Physical Possibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Somebody Living". Looks like somebody's been hanging out with Fiona Apple.


Krizia Robustella July 03 2014

She called her show Miami Riot but we hereby dub this show "Spring Breakers." The guns are obvious nods to Harmony Korine's late masterpiece and Selena Gomez and Riff Raff totally agree. As separates we think some of these are totally wearable! Even the balaclavas. Hahaha KIDDING. Check out some of the standout pieces below:



Source: Fucking Young!

Cronenberg is Getting an Exhibit June 20 2014


Earlier this week Bjork just announced her retrospective and now David Cronenberg is getting his. Why, oh why does anything good rarely coming to San Francisco (There was that time that Cindy Sherman came to SFMOMA and it was uhhhhh-mahzing. Actually a ton of good stuff comes here I just like to complain.). 


So we just want to see this because he loves everything gross and all his creations are full of - I'm grasping for words here - membranes and fluid goo?? I think that sums him up. But also because his work is amazing. If any of you readers happen to be in Amsterdam I highly recommend it.


For more information visit eyefilm

London Men's Shows: Our Top 5 June 20 2014

The London shows have come to an end, and it's off to the next cosmopolitan city. Personally the London shows are our favorite because a large number of the designers that show in London will always have an underlying "punk rock" mentality: edgy, subversive, and definitely a little cheeky (a Flotsam/Jetsam skateboard: YES!). As you would probably guess: these designers are not afraid of a little bit of WOW (and that probably says a lot about us). We've gathered our favorites (but in no particular order):


A. Sauvage




Bobby Abley


Christopher Kane


Astrid Andersen


Source: Fucking Young!

iPPAWARDS 2014 June 12 2014

Only ten to fifteen years ago, art was left to "the artists," a small and selective group of experts that thrived in their small but highly revered circle. Technology has drastically altered and possibly destroyed that circle and now art amateurs  can arguably be deemed valid artists.


The iPhone Photography Awards of 2014 has some talented and inspiring winners. Maybe we'll submit something next year?!

The Best Things Today - June 10 Edition June 10 2014

Every single day there is some great stuff happening and thankfully the Internet is here to tell us all about it. Here is our collection of The Best Things for today. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we did.


1. All By Himself

A guy stuck in McCarran airport overnight in Las Vegas took the opportunity to make a video of himself lip syncing to Celine Dion's "All By Myself." I probably would have just taken a nap, but that's why this guy is an internet celebrity now and I'm not. More proof that the internet rewards a little effort.


2. Super Smash Bros - A New Character

We still don't have a release date, but Nintendo announced that the new Super Smash Brothers game will be adding PACMAN as a playable character! We're hoping that Blinky, Inky, Pinky or Clyde also get to make an appearance. You're probably refreshing the Super Smash Brothers Facebook page 100 times a day if you're anything like our cofounder Jonathan. It's going to be a straight up celebration around here when the game finally drops.

3. Tampon Obsession - We Won't Judge

One of our favorite online stores, released a brand new t-shirt with an amazing print that takes a certain (extremely high) level of boldness to wear. Seth Bogart (aka Hunx of the amazing band Hunx and His Punx) designed this all-over tampon box print that is the perfect combination of hilarious, edgy, and just plain fun. We love it but we might just stick with his all-over print of female music icons, although this new one is certainly hard to resist.

4. La Roux Releases a New Track - Tropical Chancer

La Roux is back with a new album soon and released another song today as a sneak peek. The new track "Tropical Chancer" is an awesome mix of funk guitar thanks to Niles Rodgers (who has done a million things but you may recognize from his work with Daft Punk last year) with a little bit of Calypso and Elly Jackson's addicting vocal talent. You can stream it via soundcloud right here:

It was a good day! Let us know in the comments what awesome things you saw on the internet today. We would hate to miss out.

SHEEZUS by Lily Allen May 01 2014

Back in 2009 Lily Allen released It's Not Me, It's You, which had the catchiest song (and song title): Fuck You (Very Much). It pretty much became a gay anthem for about a month because of it's (dare I say it) fuck you attitude to anti-gay bigots and racists. 


Five years later she's singing another catchy-as-fuck sermon about feminism entitled Hard Out Here. Albeit, the video and lyrics came under fire about it's anti-feminist, fairly racist undertones, but COME ON PEOPLE!! IT'S SATIRE. Not only is she poking fun and putting a spotlight on the objectification of women in pop music, she's also saying way too much about our boys AND GIRLS in the hip hop industry. She even states the obvious double standard about calling sexually active women "sluts" and people not "fussing" about guys talking about their "bitches." The message basically boils down to this: the pop music media machine is an evil sexist piece of shit. It's not a new concept, but god damn you can shake your ass to that song!


Her second single Air Balloon is just adorable candy pop. She gained some serious street cred (as if she needs any) on Our Time saying she wears Kenzo (one of our favorites) but doesn't take Benzo. Whatever that means. And then of course the obviously referential Sheezus. I'm not entirely sure of the message of the song but it's cute nonetheless. Unfortunately like her previously album the other songs kind of seem to blend together without many standout tracks. And though it doesn't bother me too much, does her voice sort of just sound that way or did they auto-tune the fuck out of this album?


I'd say a solid 5 out of 10. 

Pharrell - G I R L February 26 2014


Pharrell has been in the media for as long as we can remember. We not only have a personal affinity for his fantastic street wear brands Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream, but he's also a fantastic musician. Ugh, those damn multi-talented people who are good at everything.


We're all familiar with Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," 2013's dance mega hit. But this year Pharrell gives us a whole new album of his own. And it's streaming on iTunes Radio here!   

Qozop February 21 2014


Up and coming photographer Qozop just released an adorable new project: two generations swap clothes and the results are pretty phenomenal. New spring campaign ideas for us? Maybe. We love the sense of whimsy. See her entire collection here.

St. Vincent's new album is BLOODY AMAZING. February 20 2014

We were never huge fans of Annie Clark's (a.k.a. St. Vincent) work. Generally, it was a little too "art rock." But when she collaborated on an entire album with Talking Heads' David Byrne she was a much larger blip on our radar. 


This year she releases her self-titled album and it's insanely good (her insane new do of curly grey locks is just a plus). We could try to dissect it for hours but we think we should just use a few generic descriptors and then have you listen to it for yourself. For one: it's one of her more accessible albums (Is she segueing into the big, scary world of pop?!). Two: it's god damn catchy (see Birth in Reverse, Digital Witness, and Bring Me Your Loves). And even the slower songs have a Bat For Lashes-esque, nymph-like sadness (Prince Johnny) which is also a great thing. We think it lends the album a sense of well-roundedness. Like a good cabernet or some crap like that.


Fortunately for you (and mostly for us), NPR is streaming it here. But for a quickie here's her latest single:


We're Listening to: La Femme - Psycho Tropical Berlin February 16 2014

One of our favorite album releases from last year was the surf-punk inspired "Psycho Tropical Berlin" by French band La Femme. The album is influenced by 60's surf rock and has a punk edge but it still incredibly fun and accessible. After several EP's, the band's debut album dropped last April and the opening track, "Antitaxi" has been on repeat here at Stark Street for months. You can listen to the track via YouTube below, and stream the entire album on Spotify and Rdio. 

And the best news: According to their Facebook page, the band is planning a tour of the United States in March and April surrounding SXSW.

Let's all hope there's a Bay Area stop!